Ecuadorian presidential candidate Rafael Correa has vowed to pursue a series of political reforms, if elected in next month's run-off vote.

In an interview with VOA Spanish branch, the former economy minister said he believes many voters support a call for sweeping changes in the government.

He pointed to what he called the high number of voters who cast blank ballots in legislative elections this month.

Correa also rejected allegations from critics who say he is a radical leftist with strong ties to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

His rival, businessman Alvaro Noboa, has vowed to renew stalled talks on a free trade deal with the United States, if elected. Correa has criticized a possible trade deal with Washington.

Opinion polls released this week show that Noboa is widely favored to win in the November 26 run-off.

Some information for this report was provided by  AP and Reuters.