El Salvadoran President Elias Antonio Saca has addressed the United Nations, discussing issues such as gang activity, economic development and global warming.

Mr. Saca told the U.N. General Assembly about efforts El Salvador is taking to deal with increased gang activity in the country, which he said could threaten the country's stability.

During his speech, the president said prices of raw materials and increased oil prices are having a negative impact on the country's development.

The president called on U.N. member states to adopt corrective measures to deal with global warming. He also called on them to strengthen global cooperation in the face of terrorism.

Mr. Saca said El Salvador will hold an international conference next year for middle income countries to further study measures to help them comply with the U.N.'s Millennium Development goals.

On Taiwan, Mr. Saca expressed support for the Taiwanese to be allowed the right to determine their own future.

China and Taiwan split in 1949 at the end of a civil war, and Beijing considers the island part of its territory.