The electoral commission in the Democratic Republic of Congo has once again postponed the country?s first elections in four decades. They are now scheduled for July 30th. The elections are part of the July 2002 peace deal that ended the five-year war, in which some four million people died.

Andre Abeyie is the editor for the Congolese daily newspaper, La Reference Plus. He told English to Africa reporter Ashenafi Abedje why the elections were postponed: ?The commission needs more time to print and distribute election-related documents.? Abeyie says reaction to the postponement has been mixed among political parties fielding candidates for the upcoming elections. ?As you can realize, in a democracy, it?s impossible for everybody to be happy about anything. Some are happy, others are unhappy. But the essential thing is to go to the election.?

Abeyie says, ?The Congolese people have been working for the election for more than forty years. They want the elections to succeed, and they are hopeful the United Nations will secure the organization of this election.?