British expectations for Barack Obama are sky high. 

Across Europe, Barack Obama is widely seen as a leader who can make a difference. A president who can improve America's image abroad and renew a sense of cooperation among old friends and allies.

Here in the King's Fairway pub near Heathrow airport, the feeling is Mr. Obama's got the right stuff to change things for the better.

"I think he has already changed the image of America because his personality is so totally different.

"He is young and good looking, I am sure the world will love him.

"He is a great speaker. He is different to Bush so yes, he will do, definitely," talk customers.

Everyone here is worried about jobs and the hope in this pub is that Mr. Obama can get America working again so that the rest of the world can follow.

"The major problem in the world now is definitely financial. I do not know how we are going to move forward with that," says one.

"He has promised a lot. Can he deliver it?" asks another.

"I think his main thing is, he has just got to keep the economy going of the world," comments a customer.

While economic concerns top the agenda, people here will be watching closely to see how the incoming president deals with the Middle East, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and climate change. A hefty workload for America's next leader, but a leader who will have a lot of supporters in Europe who will be wishing him every success.