The U.S. military in Iraq has charged a former commander of a U.S. prison in Baghdad with several counts of wrongdoing, including unauthorized possession of classified information.

The military announced the charges against Lieutenant-Colonel William Steele in a statement issued Thursday.

One charge is of aiding the enemy by providing a unmonitored cell phone to detainees.

Steele is also accused of wrongfully providing special privileges to and maintaining an inappropriate relationship with an interpreter.

Earlier, a military spokeswoman Lt. Col. Josslyn Aberle said Steele was taken into custody a month ago, and is being held at a detention facility in Kuwait awaiting a hearing to determine whether he should face court-martial.

Steele was commander of Camp Cropper prison, which holds about 5,300 detainees near Baghdad international airport.

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who was executed in December, spent time in that facility during his three-year incarceration.