Former Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner has been buried in Brazil, where he had lived in exile for the past 17 years.

Reports say General Stroessner was buried in Brazil's capital, Brasilia, Thursday in a coffin draped with the flags of Paraguay and his Colorado Party. He died Wednesday in a hospital at age 93.

In Paraguay, Colorado Party lawmakers observed a minute of silence for him in Congress, angering other legislators who walked out in protest. The Paraguayan government did not declare a mourning period for him.

The former dictator seized power in 1954 and ruled Paraguay until 1989, when he was toppled by a military coup and fled to Brazil.

In recent years, Paraguay's government had sought to question the general about alleged human rights violations under his rule, including the disappearance of hundreds of political opponents.

He was accused of corruption and of cooperating with other Latin American governments in "Operation Condor" to repress leftist groups.

Others, however, say General Stroessner's public works programs helped modernize Paraguay.