Cherie and Tony Blair

An exit poll of British voters says Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labor Party will win the general election, but with a sharply reduced majority.

The poll conducted for the British Broadcasting Corporation says Mr. Blair will win a historic third consecutive term in office, but with a loss of nearly 100 seats from his previous majority.

The deputy prime minister, John Prescott, says such a result would be acceptable.

"We always want a good result and I always want to see a Labor government and there's going to be a Labor government there's no doubt about that," said Mr. Prescott.

But political commentators say such a massive drop in support could trigger a lot of contemplation among Laborites about the future of their party and Mr. Blair's role in it.

There is also caution that exit polls in British elections have been wrong in the past. Actual results of real votes will be available later on Friday.