Hundreds of Falun Gong supporters have rallied in Taiwan and Hong Kong, demanding that former Chinese President Jiang Zemin be put on trial for cracking down on the spiritual movement.

The peaceful demonstrations took place on Sunday, the fourth anniversary of Beijing's ban on Falun Gong.

In Hong Kong, some 200 protesters wearing yellow T-shirts walked through the downtown district to government headquarters and held a meditation session in front.

About 1,000 followers marched in Taiwan's southern port city of Kaoshiung. They called on the international community to help stop what the meditation sect says is the persecution of practitioners in mainland China. Organizers described the march as "A Global Public Trial of Jiang Zemin."

President Jiang's government outlawed Falun Gong in mainland China as an evil cult in 1999, calling it a threat to public safety and communist rule. Beijing has arrested thousands of followers since then.

The movement claims more than 700 detainees have been tortured to death, but Chinese authorities deny that any are being mistreated. The government says several have died from refusing food and medical attention.

Falun Gong followers are allowed to practice in Hong Kong, even though the territory has reverted from British to Chinese rule. But the sect fears Hong Kong's government could use a proposed anti-subversion law to target its members.