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Juanita Castro, sister of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, says she collaborated with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency against her brother's rule in the 1960s.  

She made the revelation to a Spanish-language television channel (Univision-Noticias 23) in Florida Sunday in a report on her newly-published memoirs.  

Juanita Castro explained that, while she initially supported her brother's 1959 overthrow of the Batista dictatorship, she became disillusioned with the executions of political opponents and Cuba's move toward communism.  

Castro, now 76, said she was approached by the CIA in the early 1960s. She said she used her home in Havana to shelter those persecuted by her brother's government before she went into exile.  

Juanita Castro fled Cuba for Mexico in 1964 and eventually settled in Florida. She ran a pharmacy in Miami and was a vocal critic of her brother's rule.  

After nearly five decades in power, Fidel Castro transferred power on a provisional basis to his brother Raul in 2006. Raul officially became president in February 2008.  

Juanita Castro's memoirs, "Fidel and Raul, My Brothers: The Secret History", hit bookstore shelves Monday.