Renegade General Laurent Nkunda, a few days ago, called for a ceasefire in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after breaking the truce a few days earlier. However, more fighting was reported in the region where clashes between government forces and soldiers loyal to a Nkunda have killed more than 100 people over the past week.

For a reaction to General Nkunda?s recent request for a cease fire and an update on the conflict in the region, VOA reporter Akwei Thompson on Friday spoke with Kemal Saiki, spokesperson of the United Nations peace keeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC).

Mr. Saiki said there was still some sporadic fighting in North Kivu but nothing like the intense fighting we?ve seen during the last two or three days?, he noted.

MONUC?s main source of concern, the spokesperson said, ?is the impact the fighting is having on the population and the humanitarian disaster it has provoked.?               On Nkunda?s request for a ceasefire, Saiki said , anything.. any action, any initiative aimed at decreasing hostilities and stopping the use of violence is welcome.?