East Timor has its first all-Timorese government. The transitional cabinet takes over from U.N. administrators two years after the territory voted to separate from Indonesia in a violence-plagued ballot. The government will administer East Timor until full independence early next year.

Six of the new government's 10 ministries went to Fretilin party members. Fretilin won 55 of 88 seats in Constituent Assembly elections last month.

U.N. Transitional Administrator Sergio Vieira de Mello said he was disappointed not more women were given senior jobs, but all 13 districts in East Timor were represented in the government. "We also wanted to bring women, and we have not succeeded into bringing to government as many as we would have wished," Mr. de Mello said. "But we will continue looking for more, that is why we got two positions vacant in the hope that we can find two more women. We also wanted to let all the districts in East Timor know that they were part of the government. There we have been very successful because all the people in East Timor are represented in this cabinet."

While only a handful of women got senior portfolios, the new government does reflect a heavy dose of technical expertise.

There are a few familiar faces such as Nobel prize winner Jose Ramos Horta, the foreign affairs minister. But the government line-up has also drawn on a younger generation of Timorese leaders.