Results from the U.S. presidential election are expected to start coming in at zero hours, universal time, Wednesday.

At that hour, polling sites are scheduled to close in six U.S. states. 

U.S. television networks plan to project a winner in any state where voting stations have closed and where one candidate has a clear lead, based on exit polls.

The networks say they will be cautious after their experience in 2000, when they declared Al Gore the winner in Florida but had to retract that prediction a couple of hours later.

VOA will report state-by-state results based on the network predictions and the actual vote count reported by the Associated Press.

In most years, the winner is known within a few hours.  But analysts warn that this year's vote could be like that in 2000, when a close race and disputes over recounts delayed the result.

Some information for this report provided by Reuters and AP.