Five people have been killed and at least 15 injured when the slow moving and powerful typhoon Danas slammed into Japan.

Deadly typhoon Danas halted some of Japan's famous bullet trains, stopped airplanes and ferries and forced the closure of several highways.

It made landfall early Tuesday near Kamakura, a seafront Tokyo suburb. At its height, the storm system packed winds of 118 kilometers per hour before weakening to severe tropical storm status Tuesday and moving northeast of Tokyo.

Even before hitting the coast, the heavy rains killed five people in mudslides and other disasters. Among the dead were two highway maintenance workers, an elderly couple and a man who was blown off his rooftop as he tried to fix an antenna.

Local media reports that the typhoon's lashing rains and strong winds caused authorities to evacuate more than 1,700 people in areas vulnerable to landslides. More than 260 homes were flooded and more than 70 landslides were reported.

The name Danas comes from the Tagalog langauge of the Philippines. It means "to experience."