Looking haggard, 41-year old James Loney told a crowd of family, friends and supporters at the Toronto airport Sunday that it was "great to be alive."

Before he was whisked away Loney thanked his rescuers and described his experience as "terrifying, profound and extremely boring."

Loney and two other members of the non-governmental organization Christian Peacemaker Teams, Briton Norman Kember and fellow Canadian Harmeet Sooden, currently living in New Zealand were rescued by British soldiers from a Baghdad house last week. A fourth member of the group, an American, Tom Fox, was shot and killed in March.

The four men were kidnapped on November 26 by a previously unknown group called Swords of Righteousness.

A spokeswoman for CPT said the three, who were rescued, had not been tortured or abused. She said that for much of the time, they were not tied up.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP.