Former Sudanese rebels say government forces entered rebel territory in eastern Sudan and threatened to evict them.

The former southern rebels from the Sudan People's Liberation Movement say about three-thousand soldiers entered the eastern town of Hamesh Koreb Wednesday and ordered them to leave.

A spokesman for the former rebels called the move a violation of the peace deal signed one year ago between the southern rebels and the government.

The former rebels had agreed to leave the town by January 9. But the rebel spokesman said that deadline could not be met due to logistical problems - and that the rebels had informed Khartoum of the delay.

Earlier Wednesday, eastern rebels said they had been attacked in the area by Sudanese armed forces.

During the southern civil war, southern rebels fought alongside eastern rebels. The southern rebels have joined in a power-sharing government, while the eastern rebels have not.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.