French military officers said a ship has located the flight data recorders from a Yemeni airliner that crashed off the coast of Comoros last month.

French officials said the vessel, Beautemps-Beaupre, has completed a mapping of the sea floor where signals from the recorders were detected.

They said the recorders appear to be lying on a sloping surface of the seabed that is too deep for divers to reach.

French authorities said they are sending specialized robots to Comoros to try to bring the recorders to the surface.  The robots are expected to arrive early next month.

The Yemenia Air plane crashed into the Indian Ocean just minutes before it was due to land in the Comoran capital, Moroni, on June 30.  A young girl survived, but the 152 other people on board were killed.

Authorities said at least 13 bodies have been recovered.  Some had drifted hundreds of kilometers across the ocean, to the eastern coast of Tanzania. 



Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.