A freelance journalist in Kosovo who has been a longtime reporter for the Voice of America is vowing to keep working despite being beaten and threatened.

Vesna Bojicic tells VOA that she will continue reporting on events in Kosovo until the last day, regardless of what Serbs or ethnic Albanians think.

She defends her work saying she has never show any bias towards either side.

Voice of America Director Danforth Austin says VOA is very concerned for Bojicic's welfare. He calls her a reliable and thorough reporter and says it is deplorable that journalists face such dangers.

Bojicic says a man dressed in camouflage, military-style boots, and a ski mask pushed his way into her apartment and started beating her. She says his threats alluded to her reports for VOA.

Kosovo - a Serbian province - and its large ethnic Albanian majority are demanding independence. The Serbs and their Russian allies strongly oppose an independent Kosovo. U.S., EU, and Russian mediated talks on Kosovo's future have made little progress.