French actress Marie Trintignant has died from severe head injuries after she was allegedly beaten by her boyfriend, French rock star Bertrand Cantat.

Doctors say Trintignant, who was flown to Paris Thursday from Lithuania, had been kept alive for several days on an artificial respirator. The incident occurred Sunday at a hotel in Vilinus where the couple was staying. Trintignant was in Lithuania filming a movie directed by her mother.

Cantat, who is the lead singer of the popular French group "Black Desire," is a prime suspect in the case and is in police custody in Lithuania. He says Trintignant's injuries were the result of an accident. French President Jacques Chirac expressed his condolences to Trintignant's family, saying France is aware of the injustice of a destiny so brutally broken.

The 41-year-old daughter of French film icon Jean-Louis Trintignant appeared in more than 30 movies during her career. Trintignant is best known for her role in the 1992 Claude Chabrol film Betty. She also appeared as a young girl with her father in the romance movie Mon Amour, Mon Amour.