The French anti-globalization activist Jose Bove is back in jail. French police raided his farmhouse and took him to prison after his conviction for destroying genetically-modified crops.

French gendarmes arrested Mr. Bove just after daybreak at his farmhouse near the southern town of Millau. He was taken to the local police headquarters, then flown by helicopter to the prison where he will serve his 10-month sentence.

The raid was not a surprise. Mr. Bove had been at home for several days awaiting re-arrest to serve his sentence for the destruction of several fields of genetically modified crops in 1999.

Mr. Bove's lawyer said he offered no resistance. He accused police of heavy-handed tactics after they broke into the farmhouse.

Mr. Bove's image, complete with flowing mustache and pipe, became well known internationally after he and several other anti-globalization protesters ransacked a McDonald's in Millau. The sheep farmer served more than a month in jail for that incident.

His protests and his work as the head of a group called the Countryside Coalition have been intended to dramatize what he sees as the dangers of global trade and inferior, mass-produced food.

Leftist political parties in France have denounced Mr. Bove's arrest. His supporters have organized protest demonstrations in several cities and outside the prison where he is being held.