With France virtually paralyzed by weeks of protests at universities and in the streets, French President Jacques Chirac Monday announced a new measure to replace the unpopular new labor law causing the unrest.

President Chirac met early this morning with his prime minister, several of his ministers and officials from his majority to find a solution out of the crisis.

After the meeting, he released a statement saying the labor law known as First Employment Contract will be replaced by a new measure in favor of the professional integration of young people experiencing difficulties. The statement did not elaborate on this new measure.

The labor law, which was voted by the National Assembly, was aimed at making it easier for young workers to get their first job, in exchange for more flexibility for the employees to let them go without cause within the first two years.

The debate over the labor law has turned into a wrestling match between Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who are both jockeying for position for the next presidential elections.