On the day he received the award for the best goalkeeper of the World Cup, Germany's Oliver Kahn made a mistake that launched Brazil to its 2-0 victory in the final against Germany.

Kahn fumbled a shot by Rivaldo from outside the penalty area Sunday and Ronaldo tapped the ball into the net in the 67th minute for Brazil's first goal of the game. The 33-year-old Kahn was deeply disappointed by the error, saying it's 10 times as bitter when you make a mistake in the final. Said Kahn, "There is no consolation, but life has to go on."

German coach Rudi Voeller praised Kahn after the match saying "Oliver played a dream World Cup, and he stopped amazing shots." Kahn himself says his German team should not allow one unlucky goal to destroy its memories of this World Cup.

But as the jubilant Brazilians walked up the podium to lift the trophy, Kahn stood apart from the rest of his teammates, and watched with an impassive face. Voeller walked over, put his arm around the goalie's shoulder and spoke to him, but Kahn barely acknowledged his coach as he continued staring off into the distance.