In Ghana, supporters of former President Jerry Rawlings are accusing President Kufour?s government of plotting an elaborate strategy to assassinate Mr. Rawlings. According to them, President Kufuor's allegations that the former president was plotting a coup are part of a deliberate and complex rationale to prepare the grounds for the former president?s eventual assassination. Ex- President Rawlings?s supporters were reacting to a statement by minister of information Kwamena Bartels who told VOA?S ?Daybreak Africa? yesterday that the government would soon decide what to do about reports suggesting that Mr. Rawlings has been soliciting funds to overthrow the Kufuor government

Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah is deputy general secretary of Ghana?s main opposition National Democratic Congress party. He tells VOA English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey about the opposition?s reaction to Minister Bartels? statement.

?The former president held a press conference and denied those allegations and stated categorically that he was not interested in a coup in this country and challenged the president to provide whatever evidence he has. And we were all expecting that the minister of information will come out and provide us with that evidence. Unfortunately, he was not able to substantiate any of the allegations and he just went on and on and on and talked about the past of the former president that he?s been involved in coups. We think that it?s just allegations that are cooked up. There is no basis; there is no foundation, and the things that they are doing are calculated to divert attention from very serious and critical issues of national importance. As I speak to you now, about $240 million of cocaine came to this country and just vanished. They just see the ex-president as a red herring and then they just throw in issues about Rawlings just to divert attention,? he said.

Afriyie-Ankrah alleges that President Kufour?s government has a plan to assassinate former President Rawlings.

We picked up intelligence a few month?s ago that there was what we call a plan B and that there will be a fake coup d?tat and in the process, the ex-president would be attacked and eliminated together with some of his followers,? Afriyie-Ankrah noted.

He says the Kufuor government is trying to divert attention from its problems.

?This government is so desperate that they just want to create mayhem, and I hope that the international community is taking particular notice of this,? he said.

Afriyie-Ankrah says the Rawlings camp has proof that indeed there is a plot to silence the former President Rawlings.

?The proof is that when the former president handed over, his house was surrounded by over two hundred soldiers. And it had to take the intervention of civilians. We raised an alarm and whatever those soldiers were coming to do is history. Now I am saying that far from the intelligence that we gathered, we have documentary evidence to show that there was indeed something about a particular radio station, which just fits into that agenda. Because here we have the president himself who is the commander in chief of the Ghana armed forces accusing somebody (the former President) of treason?. and refuses to provide any evidence, I mean why would he do that? If it?s not for a diabolical agenda,? he said.

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