In Ghana, Kofi Wayo, the leader of the newly formed United Renaissance Party (URP) says the country?s electoral laws should be revised to accommodate modern political trends.  He says Ghanaians are civilized, educated, and able to understand that the guidelines on forming a new political party are outdated and unfair. Wayo says laws regulating political parties can be made simpler. Meanwhile the URP party expects to receive its certificate of recognition from the electoral commission today.

Wayo spoke with VOA English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey about his frustration with Ghana?s Electoral Commission.            ?You know we are in Africa here, they made a constitution which was made by a brutal dictator. And the idea was to make sure that nobody can form any other political party. So they made a lot of laws that don?t make sense at all. Only Africans can understand this but regular human beings would not understand this. But somehow there are some cool headed people in the EC [electoral commission], so we complied with the rules and regulations and when we get power we gonna completely amend those laws. Because it does not give the Ghanaians the opportunity to participate in building their nation. It?s reserved for the elite, who steal the money from the people and enjoy themselves with it, that?s where the problems is.?

Wayo says his party has submitted a protest letter to the electoral commission. ?We have registered and we are hoping for our provisional certificate, but the electoral commission, they are just enforcing the law, its really got nothing to do with them. The laws have been made and they are just enforcing them that are all.?

The URP leader says, ?What right does a government has to curtail peoples right of association when they have a constitution that guarantees peoples right to association. If people wants to form political parties what?s wrong with that? So everybody have the right to participate on their level. But here to form a party, you gonna go get permission from the Virgin Mary, have the paper kissed by Jesus Christ, get Moses to sign it then you gonna go get Noah to use the boat to cross the river. When you finish all that, got to go see the angels and tell them to stamp it with an ink made in heaven. It don?t make?sense. So you see the societies in Africa are totally backward because like here, the president is God and is worshiped. Whatever he says goes, he can tell the governor of the bank bring him one million dollars to the castle and they take it over there. They do not believe in the constitution.?

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