Ghanaians have been celebrating since the first victory by an African side in this World Cup, and are hoping to beat the United States to advance to the next round.

Last Saturday, enthusiastic football fans in Ghana's capital, Accra, sang the Ghana national anthem as they watched their team on television just before the game with the Czech Republic.
That match ended in a two-one victory for the Black Stars of Ghana, the first by an African side in this World Cup, and a very good reason to start the Saturday night party.
It has been five days since that historic victory over the Czechs, but some fans like Abas, are yet to recover from the celebration, even as he looks forward to another win over United States Thursday in a Group-E match.

"As a result of that winning, because of too much of happiness, even up till now I am still sick, so I am hoping that tomorrow we are going to win by four goals to nil, I will celebrate it as if the World Cup is already in Ghana here," he said.
Ghanaians have waited a long time to see the Black Stars at the world tournament, so it is understandable why World Cup fever is spreading to everyone, including this fan, Jacob.

"Yeah!  I have been celebrating the goals, because we went to the African Cup and we lost," he explained.  "So because we are winning this match I have been celebrating, because we have not won a big match before.  So because of that I am really happy.  Saturday, I celebrated it too much that even I had a headache."
Jacob is a tailor who makes unisex clothes, but since the World Cup started two weeks ago he has switched to making Ghanaian flags.
He says sales have been good and a Black Stars win tomorrow would be even better.
"Sure, I am hoping to sell more.  Because I hope that tomorrow's match we will probably win, so because of that I have decided to buy more materials to sew, but I am waiting for the match tomorrow before I start sewing more," he added.
There have never been so many Ghanaian flags seen in the city of Accra, not even on Independence Day.  Virtually anything in red, gold, green and a black star symbol is selling at a premium price in Ghana.

This is Oxford Street in the Ghanaian Capital, Accra.  Prices of goods here are usually higher than elsewhere in the capital, but business has been booming since the tournament started as fans buy Black Stars T-shirts and souvenirs.
On the same streets, electronics shops are offering discounts on wide-screen and flat-screen televisions.  But one does not need to buy a new television to watch the games.  All across the city, in bars and conference centers, huge screens have been mounted for fans to watch the matches.
But because the Black Stars match on Thursday will be played during working hours, some fans, like Raymond, are taking extra measures to ensure they do not miss a moment of the match.
"This is my work place, so I have to bring my television, and the area everything preparing myself to watch the game, because the area around here is so low, so I have to raise the pole so high so that I can view the match properly," he said.  "Tomorrow is a great day for us.  Last time I opened champaign because Ghana has win.  Tomorrow I am going to open three or four champaign, because Ghana is going to win." 

Whether employers like it or not, unofficially, Thursday will be a half-day of work for many, and should the Black Stars defeat the United States, Ghana will be joining Raymond for the champagne party.