A Ghanaian writer is predicting that US President Barack Obama will shed tears when he visits one of Ghana?s famous and historic sites, the Cape Coast castle.   

President Obama travels to Ghana next weekend for a brief visit that some Ghanaians are calling one one of the greatest historical events of the country.

In article titled ?Obama Will Cry For Africa? posted on the website of one of Ghana?s premier radio stations, Joy FM, Christian Agubretu, a freelance contributor to the Ghana News Agency, writes ?the visit means so much to Ghanaians and the whole of Africa and one cannot fail to measure the socio-economic benefits that would serve the purpose for which America stands.?

Why will Obama cry
He said ?for an America President to specifically choose to visit the Cape Coast castle, where hundreds of thousands of slaves were transported to the New World, speaks volume.?
So why will the President of The United States of America ?cry for Africa?, asked Akwei Thompson host of VOA?s Nightline Africa.?When he sees the sordid past?,? responded Agubretu.

The Ghanaian writer said when Obama goes to the Cape Coast Castle he will witnesses first hand where and how slaves were kept before they embarked on the ?journey of no return?.
?I think is worth crying for,? he said, to have been a human being to be subjected to the kind of humiliation that African slaves had to go through, to be taken to America, to work on American plantations, to generate the wealth that America has.

Agubretu said since Obama himself knows the history more than his article can portray, there was no need revisit that sordid past which could be considered unpleasant to such and august visitor.