In Ghana, the ruling New Patriotic Party (N-P-P) says it will provide strong support for the marginalized in society to empower them to fend for themselves. The pledge was issued as part of the party?s resolution at its just-ended delegate conference. Party General Secretary Nana Ohene Ntow says the NPP is well positioned to retain power in next year?s general elections.

He said the party?s constitution stipulates that a delegate congress be held every year.

?What it is, is that the party?s constitution demands that every year we hold an annual delegate conference. It is for purposes of reviewing the operations and performance of the party for the last year and also to set out our strategies and targets for the coming year. Usually we will do any constitutional amendment if there are any,? he said.

Ohene-Ntow explained what transpired at this particular delegate congress.

?What we did was to take stock of the party?s operation for the last year and also to set out our strategy. We adopted a set of resolutions, which will basically form a broad framework for our strategy for the coming year,? Ohene-Ntow noted.

He explained the general consensus taken at this year?s delegate?s conference.

?It was basically to strengthen the grassroots structures of the party to unify the party on any issues that could possibly divide our ranks and also to strategize for the 2008 elections to ensure that the NPP remains. In fact, the closing of this year?s conference marks the launch of our campaign for 2008. So you are looking at a two year sustained campaign by the NPP from now until December 7 2008,? he said.

Ohene-Ntow dismissed claims by the opposition National Democratic Congress party (NDC) of winning the next general elections as propaganda.

?That I can tell you is mere and empty propaganda, which is not holding. The majority of Ghanaians have simply seen through that kind of empty propaganda because if you talk about the NPP having delivered on its promises or not, we promised to revamp infrastructural development and we did,? he said

Ohene-Ntow explained that the government had lived up to its billing by improving the lives of the average Ghanaian. 

?This government has rebuilt roads, highways and feeder roads across the country. The rate at which school structures have sprung up in all institutions, at every level of education across the country, there is no way anyone could talk about the NPP not having delivered on its promise. The government has simply fixed the basics of our economy to the extent that now, capital is stable in businesses, inflation is so much under control?and people have begun to see the benefits of an improved and more stable economic environment,? Ohene-Ntow said.