It may be one of the biggest players in the battle against the world's deadliest diseases, but the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria is hardly a household name. The chronically cash-strapped organization faces a recognition problem. So in a bid to turn things around, the Global Fund has launched its first-ever ad campaign.

A television ad set in a rough suburb of Glasgow, Scotland shows a tough guy pushing people around. "I love to fight," he says. "The young, the old, the big?no one can beat me." That is, until an enormous fighter knocks him out cold with a single blow. Then the message appears: "In a fight, size matters."

The Global Fund says the idea is that AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are big problems that require the multi-billion dollar Global Fund's big solutions. Print ads featuring a ship, a truck, and a helicopter carrying enormous, oversized medical supplies convey the same message.

The French ad agency Publicis designed the campaign for free, and more than 40 publications have donated advertising space. The ads are running in France, and will soon appear in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Japan.

The Global Fund's attempt to raise its profile comes as the agency faces a budget shortfall and proposed cuts in funding from its largest donor, the United States.