The Adventist Church is taking the Gospel to Africa in recorded form. People who are illiterate will be able to listen to religious material, including the Bible, in their native languages. The Christian technology firm MegaVoice has created a device it calls a GodPod. It?s being distributed by the Adventist Church, which will load fifteen hundred recorded items for the nomadic peoples of the Kalahari Desert, South Sudan and North Africa. They may listen to recordings repeatedly and add new content as desired.         

English to Africa reporter Angel Tabe talked with Andrew DePaula, director of technical services for Adventist World Radio. DePaula -- who is based in Spokane, Washington --told her how the GodPod works: ?It?s basically an MP3 player, like the one that Apple makes, the iPod, which is a small plastic device that stores music, audio files, and allows the user to play them back? it is waterproof, runs on solar energy, rugged and robust, and suitable for use in places where other technologies would break down.?

He says for easy use it has only a few buttons and no writing on it, only icons. The Adventist Church is appealing for sponsorship to expand the technology to other territories in need.