Grassroots organizations are getting more involved in trying to end the violence in Sudan?s Darfur region. One of those groups is the Darfur Peace & Development Organization. The president of the non-profit group, Suliman Giddo, says it has offices in the United States and Sudan; and works with 34 grassroots organizations in Darfur, as well as UN agencies.

From Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Giddo spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about the role the Darfur Peace & Development Organization plays in conjunction with UN agencies. He says the UN agencies are doing an excellent job, but the grassroots organizations help them make contacts with local tribal leaders. He says the groups try to work with the tribal leaders, who in the past have played a large role in ending conflict in Darfur.

Asked if this would be difficult considering reports of ethnic cleansing and possibly genocide, he replied, ?I know that?s a hard job, but we have to do it because there is no other choice.?

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