A tanker linked to the toxic waste scandal in Ivory Coast is being blocked inside an Estonian port by the environmental group Greenpeace.

Estonian authorities have not intervened between the tanker and the Greenpeace vessel.   They say an earlier inspection of the tanker found no toxic waste violations.

The Panamanian-registered tanker delivered a toxic waste cargo to Ivory Coast in August.  A local company dumped the waste in as many as 14 open-air sites in Abidjan.

Health officials in the West African country say poisonous fumes from the waste killed eight people and made thousands of others sick.

Ivory Coast authorities arrested two executives of a Dutch-based company that chartered the tanker.  On Monday, Ivory Coast's national assembly began public hearings on the scandal.

Ivorian authorities blame a local company named Tommy for dumping the liquid chemical waste in the Abidjan sites.  The deaths and sickness that followed the dumping led to the resignation of Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny's transitional government.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP.