In Burundi, dozens of people were injured when an unknown group threw grenades into a crowded bar in the capital, Bujumbura.

Local administrator Richard Nimubona describes the incident that occurred late Sunday at the La Grande Etoile bar.

Nimubona says witnesses told investigators people in a white 4x4 truck pulled up to the building and lobbed seven grenades into the bar, injuring 36 patrons.

Sunday's incident is the fifth attack since July against people gathering in public places. The authorities say they do not know who is behind the attacks.

Earlier this year, the Burundi government reported an attempt to overthrow the government, leading some international organizations to express their concerns about safety in Burundi.

Alexis Sinduhije is director of African Public Radio in Bujumbura. He tells VOA that Sunday's attack and the other incidents have had a big impact on him and others in Burundi.

"People are not going out as much as they did," said Alexis Sinduhije. "I myself do not go in pubs for meetings with friends. I organize them in the house."

Burundi is struggling to end a civil war that began in 1993, killing about 300,000 people.

Talks between the government and the last remaining rebel group the National Liberation Forces are scheduled to take place this week in Tanzania.