Population Service International, or PSI, says it has recorded a dramatic increase in the number of Zimbabweans seeking voluntary counseling and testing services.

The non-governmental organization started operating VCT services in the country about four years ago.

PSI Director says the number of people seeking voluntary counseling and testing services has kept on rising. Mr. Shimensky says the figures are now in thousands.

Mr. Shimensky attributes the increase to the fact that people have seen the need for knowing their HIV status. Those who have visited counseling centers agree with Mr. Shimensky. decided to undergo counseling and test for HIV. The 22 year-old mother of one says it was not an easy decision. But others are still afraid of knowing their HIV status. , who is in his early twenties says the results of the test may be haunting him. Advocates of voluntary counseling and testing argue that its much more beneficial to know one's HIV status than to remain ignorant.