In Kenya, more and more NGOs are joining hands in efforts to bring food aid to those who need it most. Action by Churches Together, ACT, is a global alliance of churches and related agencies working to save lives and support communities in emergencies.

Sam Motua is the emergency relief officer for the US-based Church World Services of America, which is a member of the ACT Alliance. From Nairobi, Kenya, he spoke with Voice of America?s Angel Tabe on ways to cope with the effects of drought and ACT?s focus on undertaking life-saving interventions: ?ACT Nairobi ? they are involved in getting data on the ground, assessment?.  We are putting together a proposal which we will share with our ACT coordinating office in Geneva for fund-raising purposes.?

On what is already being done to curb the effects of drought in the future, Motua says, ?We are planning to have water tanking activities, where water will be transported to communities. There are also partners who are planning to drill wells. The essence is to do more of mitigation.?

Motua says he hopes that a joint appeal by ACT partners will soon bring the support needed to effectively respond to the needs of the community.