Fans around the world remembered musician George Harrison Friday. The former member of the British pop group, the Beatles, died Thursday in Los Angeles, after a long battle with cancer. Fans brought flowers and candles to a makeshift shrine in the entertainment district of Hollywood.

Imbedded in the sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard are star-shaped markers that honor the greats of the entertainment industry. Fans began arriving before dawn Friday at the marker that honors the Beatles. They left bouquets of flowers, notes and small mementos.

George Harrison was known as the quiet Beatle. He introduced the band to Indian music and spirituality in 1968. A meditation trip to India and exposure to the Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar would profoundly influence the Beatles' music. The group broke up in 1970, and George Harrison began a career as a solo artist.

Los Angeles fan Susan Hancock says that, of the four Beatles, George, for her, was special. "And I always felt like he was the spiritual rock of the Beatles," she said. "He kept them grounded."

Another middle age fan, Mike Galaxy, said George Harrison and the Beatles had a great influence on an entire generation. "Everything from the way we grew up, the way we wore our hair, dress, the way we felt about love," he said.

Another fan who came to honor the musician, Bon Lester, describes herself as a lifelong admirer of George Harrison. "I think his intelligence and his spirituality was what really set him apart," she said. "He was just wonderful."

Johnny Grant, an entertainer known as the honorary mayor of Hollywood, laid a wreath at the Beatles' sidewalk plaque on Hollywood Boulevard. "It's been said that his desire was to have a little piece of turf of his own, and quiet. He has that this morning," Mr. Grant said. "Unfortunately, it has saddened millions of people all over the world. So, from Hollywood to his family, our condolences and our greatest respect for him and the remaining Beatles."

George Harrison was in Los Angeles undergoing treatment for cancer when he died. A family spokesman said he passed away peacefully in the home of a friend, with friends and family members at his side.