Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya says President Bush has assured him that he is committed to an immigration bill that treats foreigners with respect while upholding U.S. laws.

Mr. Zelaya Tuesday told VOA Spanish Service he had a candid discussion with Mr. Bush in Washington Monday about finding solutions to common problems facing the Western Hemisphere.

The Honduran leader said he was satisfied with the frankness of the discussion.

Mr. Bush has said he supports a comprehensive immigration bill that will protect U.S. borders and allow people to come to the country to work on a temporary basis.

Lawmakers in Washington have been debating different approaches to immigration reform, a controversial issue that sparked recent demonstrations throughout the U.S.

Mr. Zelaya told VOA he traveled to Washington to discuss the Temporary Protected Status.  This is a type of immigration status that allows nationals from El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua to live as U.S. residents while their homelands recover from recent hurricanes and other natural disasters.

He also said discussions focused on ways to expand commercial opportunities between the U.S. and Honduras. The Honduran president has backed the Central American Free Trade Agreement that eliminates trade barriers with the U.S. but has provoked protests throughout the region.