The International Red Cross/Red Crescent offers the following information on finding loved ones:


Continue to try and contact your loved ones through normal means of communication.  Phone and cellular service has been possible ? though sporadic ? in some parts of the affected area.


If you have relatives living outside the affected area, keep in contact with them as they may have received news about your loved ones.


Continue to monitor news reports.


Continue to check your national Red Cross website for updated information.


Citizens of the following countries may contact specific hotlines to check on the status of their loved ones.




Australians wishing to check on friends and relatives in affected areas of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand, should call 1800 002 214.




The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued an emergency number 020-7008-0000 for relatives and others who wish to check on British relatives and friends affected by the tsunami or to pass on information about them.




Anyone with good reason to believe that Canadian friends or relatives are in the affected areas can contact Foreign Affairs Canada's Emergency Operations Center at 613-944-2471 or 1 800 606-5499.




Relatives of French tourists in Southeast Asia may call the French Foreign Ministry?s hotline:  0800-174-174




Relatives of German tourists in Southeast Asia may contact the German Foreign Office Hotline: +49 30 5000-1000.




For information on Italian nationals present in the areas struck by the tsunami please contact the Crisis Unit: 063691-5551 or 063691-5552


New Zealand


The New Zealand Red Cross has set up a New Zealand hotline for people concerned about relatives and friends in the affected area.   Callers in New Zealand should call:  0800 733 276.




Relatives who have not heard from Swedish family members traveling in the affected areas should call the special Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs number: +46 8/405 41 00.


United States


For information about the welfare and whereabouts of American citizens, please call 1-888-407-4747.