A US Islamic scholar at the Brookings Institution, Maqtedar Khan, says since the terrorist attacks on the United States two years ago, Muslims have become more interested in strengthening secular institutions within the United States. They have also worked to ensure that the US Bill of Rights is not weakened by anti-terror legislation.

Professor Khan says this is in part in reaction to what Muslims perceive to be the influence of Christian evangelicals on the Bush administration, and to what they call the anti-Muslim bias of the Patriot Act. Professor Khan says American Muslims are engaging in inter-faith dialogue and are working within the political system, especially on the local level, to improve relations with their fellow citizens.

English to Africa reporter William Eagle spoke with a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution, Maqtedar Khan. He is also an assistant professor of International Affairs at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan, and the author of ?Muslims: Bridging Faith and Freedom.?

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