Hundreds of Kosovo Serbs have demonstrated in the town of Gracanica to protest Wednesday's wounding of a Serb teenager in the area outside Pristina.

Authorities say protesters stoned cars that were passing through Gracanica Thursday, adding that six ethnic Albanians were wounded. The protest followed a drive-by shooting that left Dragan Jovanovic wounded.

The shooting Wednesday came the same day as the Hague war crimes tribunal sentenced former ethnic Albanian guerrilla Haradin Bala to 13 years in prison for torturing and murdering Serb detainees at an ethnic Albanian-run prison camp Lapusnik in Kosovo. The tribunal acquitted two others, camp commander Fatmir Limaj and another former Albanian guerrilla, Isak Musliu.

Thousands of supporters greeted the two on their return to Pristina Thursday.

Ethnic tensions continue in Kosovo, which came United Nations administration in 1999 after NATO airstrikes drove Serbian and Yugoslav security forces from the area.

Some information for this report provided by AP and AFP.