Hundreds of Muslims have rallied in the streets of Tanzania's capital, Dar Es Salaam, to protest President Bush's upcoming visit to the country.

Demonstrators shouted anti-Bush slogans and some burned U.S. flags as they marched through the streets Friday. The police did not intervene and there were no reports of any violence.

Mr. Bush is scheduled to arrive in Tanzania late Saturday - the second stop on a five-nation tour of Africa.

Ahead of the trip, Mr. Bush met at the White House today with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The president praised Mr. Ban's efforts to end conflict and promote stability in Africa.

Mr. Ban, in his remarks, described the president's visit to Africa as "important and historic." He said he hopes Mr. Bush and African leaders will discuss how to help people overcome poverty and receive an education.

The White House says the president and Mrs. Bush will leave Washington Friday and make their first stop in Benin. The president is also scheduled to visit Rwanda, Ghana and Liberia during the seven-day trip.

In a speech Thursday at Washington's National Museum of African Art, Mr. Bush described Africa as having enormous potential. He also said his trip will show how compassionate Americans have been in providing money to fight AIDS and other deadly diseases.

Mr. Bush has proposed spending $30 billion over five years to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.