Antiwar demonstrations have broken out across Europe after the launch of U.S.-led strikes against Iraq.

More than 100,000 people Thursday protested the war throughout Greece, including in the capital, Athens, Salonika in the northeast and Patras in the southwest. Many of the Greek protesters shouting "no to the war" were high school and university students.

In Italy, tens of thousands demonstrated in cities including Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Bologna. In the capital, students and workers gathered outside the American embassy. The country's three biggest unions held strikes.

German cities were also the scene of antiwar protests. Tens of thousands of people rallied in Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Munich and elsewhere.

In Britain, hundreds of protesters led by the Stop The War Coalition poured into Parliament Square in the heart of London. The campaigners declared Thursday a "day of shame" because of the conflict.

Demonstrations also cropped up in Switzerland, Denmark, Austria and Russia.

Hundreds of students gathered outside the U.S. embassy in Cyprus chanting antiwar slogans. Some also threw eggs at the building.