Hurricane Frances moves ashore along Florida's Atlantic Coast on Saturday after lashing the Bahamas kiling at least two people and causing heavy flooding in the island chain. Frances, with winds of about 160 kilometers is moving very slowly and authorities say the storm will bring heavy rains and flooding to much of Florida over the next two days.

Hurricane Frances, one of the slowest moving hurricanes in memory, is bringing hurricane force winds and heavy rains to much of Florida's east coast.

In Florida officials are concerned about heavy flooding as the storm slowly breaks up as it passes over land. State meteorologist Ben Nelson says Floridians will be feeling the effects of Francis for several days. "The storm is going to slowly move across the state in the late night hours tonight and especially during the day Sunday. We are going to see copious amounts of rainfall," he says.

Airports in Florida from Miami to Orlando have been closed.

Frances pounded The Bahamas for more than 24 hours, and causing heavy flooding and power outages throughout the island chain.