Pakistani and Indian sports officials say there is a slight chance that cricketing ties could resume between the two countries but no date was given for resuming play.

Pakistan Cricket board head Lieutenant General Tauqir Zia met with Indian Olympic Association head Suresh Kalmadi Friday. Afterwards General Zia said the hour-long meeting was positive and called it a first step towards normalization of cricket ties.

While Kalmadi called the meeting fruitful, he said there remains little chance of resuming cricket play against Pakistan any time soon.

The Indian delegate was in Karachi for talks on rescheduling the South Asian Federation Games. The games were scheduled for last October but were postponed after the September 11 terrorist attacks and the ensuing war in Afghanistan.

India and Pakistan have not played one another in cricket for nearly two years because of ongoing political tensions over the disputed region of Kashmir. The situation worsened after last December's bomb attack in the Indian Parliament.