An Indian girl born with four arms and four legs made her first public appearance Tuesday after undergoing a successful operation last week to remove the extra limbs.

Lakshmi, 2, who was named after the four-armed Hindu goddess of wealth, appeared at a press conference at Bangalore's Sparsh Hospital, where she underwent the operation.

Lakshmi's doctors said her wounds are still healing, but she is doing very well.

On Wednesday, a medical team of more than 30 people detached Lakshmi from a conjoined "parasitic" twin and reconstructed her body during a more than 24-hour-long operation.

Doctors say Lakshmi's twin did not develop and separate properly in the womb.

Prior to the surgery, hospital officials said the little girl had an 80 percent chance of survival.

Lakshmi is from a small village in the northern state of Bihar, where her father is a manual laborer.

The hospital performed the operation at no cost to Lakshmi's family.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.