Friday, April 25th, is ?Africa Malaria Day,? which was created to help African countries and the World Health Organization raise awareness of the disease -- and raise money to fight it. The WHO says 90 percent of the deaths from malaria occur in Africa. Malaria is the leading cause of death among African children under five. And it accounts for 40 percent of the continent?s public health expenses.

Dr. Helen Guyatt is a researcher with the Wellcome Trust and the Kenya Medical Research Institute. She wrote an article on the occasion of Africa Malaria Day on making malaria control accessible to all. English to Africa reporter Cole Mallard spoke with Dr. Guyatt.

She says, ?The most important aspect of this is to raise awareness both within Africa and the international community of the problem of malaria in Africa. And to really get people thinking about what can be done about this.? She says insecticide treated bed nets have worked well. Dr. Guyatt says, ?bed nets have been shown many times to reduce the risk of infection and to reduce mortality rates, particularly in children under five and pregnant women.?

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