A wave of insurgent attacks across Iraq killed at least 12 people, mostly Iraqi policemen Monday.

In Baghdad, five bombs killed six Iraqis, including three policemen.

North of the city, in Diyala province, gunmen killed five policemen at a checkpoint near Baquba. Six of the attackers were killed. Separately, the province's governor survived a bomb attack that killed his bodyguard.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko traveled to Iraq Monday to visit Ukrainian troops before they withdraw from the country. Officials say he plans to attend a ceremony where Ukrainian troops will hand over equipment to Iraqi forces.

And The New York Times reports that a Shi'ite alliance has refused to give 10 of its parliament seats to Sunni Arabs. Sunni Arabs complained of fraud in the December 15 election and asked for the seats to defuse tensions.

Some information for this report provided by AP and Reuters.