Just last week international donors from around the globe gathered at UN headquarters in New York to raise money for the post-war rehabilitation of Liberia.

The donors raised more than 500-million dollars to rebuild the war-shattered country. The United States alone chipped in 200 million dollars, added to some 245 million it had previously pledged to support peacekeeping operations. The European Union added 120 million dollars. Attending the conference was the chairman of Liberia's transitional government, Gyude Bryant. Mr. Bryant said he will not seek public office in next year's elections, under terms of the peace settlement which prevent him from running. Mr. Bryant was selected by Liberia's former warring parties shortly after the peace accord was signed to lead the transition to elections.

Monday, he began a visit to Washington, DC, and in an interview with VOA's Vincent Makori, Mr. Bryant outlined the priorities the Monrovia government will apply to the transition process with funds raised last week at the United Nations.

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