The International Bar Association's human rights institute issued a report Wednesday saying that the Zimbabwean police ?routinely commit serious violations of human rights, subvert the rule of law and play a blatantly partisan role."

The organization said the Zimbabwe Republic Police has abdicated its responsibilities as custodian of law and order and is perpetrating serious human rights abuses.

The charges are contained in a report entitled ?Partisan Policing: An Obstacle To Human Rights and Democracy In Zimbabwe.? The International Bar Association said Zimbabwe?s national police force violates not only the rights of those arrested but also those of their lawyers, and has been contemptuous of orders from the courts.

Zimbabwe Exiles Forum human rights lawyer Anna Moyo told reporter Patience Rusere of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the police are not as bad as the youth militia or Central Intelligence Organization agents - but are not upholding the law.

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