The commanders of NATO and European Union peacekeepers have dismissed the Bosnian Serb army's chief of staff, after Serb recruits last month refused to swear allegiance to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

NATO commander U.S. General Steven Schook and EU commander British General David Leakey fired Bosnian Serb General Novak Djukic for failing to properly deal with the situation.  They acted under powers granted them under the 1995 Dayton Peace Accord that halted the Bosnian conflict.

In April, the first group of Bosnian Serb army recruits asked to swear loyalty to Bosnia's central government refused and instead pledged loyalty only to Bosnia's Serb Republic.

Recruits had previously been asked to swear allegiance to either the Serb Republic or the Muslim-Croat Federation.  But the new federal defense ministry covering the entire country had ordered that military recruits swear loyalty to the entire Bosnian state.

Some information for this story provided by AFP and AP.