Ceremonies throughout the world memorialized those who lost their lives in last year?s attacks. Margaret Kennedy has this look at those commemorations.

(bell, music under)

At 8:46 a.m. Wednesday, a choir in Auckland, New Zealand began singing Mozart?s ?Unfinished Requiem? to coincide with the moment the first plane hit the Trade Center. The performance was part of a ?Rolling Requiem? in various cities as local clocks reached that hour, such as here in Kobe, Japan.

(bell rings)

In Tokyo, the stock exchange opened with a moment of silence in honor of the dead, who included 24 Japanese.

In Australia, a human American flag Procession was held along the beach in Sydney.

(bell ring)

People rang a bell of remembrance at the U.S. Embassy in Singapore.

There were anti-American protests in Thailand, South Korea, and Philippines over U.S. policy on Iraq and development issues. In Indonesia, police clashed with demonstrators. In France, two beams of light were turned on above the Paris City Hall, symbolizing the fallen World Trade towers. The beams were similar to those which lit the New York Sky six months ago in tribute to the victims.