Iran says an Iranian oil depot near the Iraqi border has been struck by a missile Friday, wounding two people.

Iranian officials say the missile hit the border city of Abadan which is about 50 kilometers east of the city of Basra in southern Iraq.

The Associated Press quoted an Iranian government official who confirmed a missile landed in Iranian territory.

It was not immediately clear where the missile came from but earlier, Iraq came under air attacks led by U.S. forces.

Iran's official news agency reported bombing from U.S. and British forces shattered windows in Abadan and caused people to flee the city. Reuters news service reported the two people injured worked as guards at the oil depot.

Iran fought its own eight year battle with Iraq in the 1980s. The country recently released Iraqi prisoners from that conflict in exchange for Iranian prisoners held by Saddam Hussein's regime.

The Iranian government has maintained it does not condone the U.S. led attack on Iraq and called it unjustified and illegitimate.